Rabu, 29 September 2010

DIY TUTORIAL and a giveaway!

Happy Monday everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make this necklace and introduce my first giveaway! Below are the steps to make this tulle necklace. And to win this necklace, just leave me a comment below! A winner will be announced on Friday.
Good luck! Hope you enjoy this little tutorial!
Step 1: Pick out your fabric and beads. I am using black tulle and marbles for the beads. Tulle as I found out is pretty hard to work with! I’ve also done this with lace which was a little easier to handle but you could use any fabric.
Step 2: Measure the fabric around a bead and then add an inch, this is where you will cut.
Step 3: Cut the fabric the long way.
Step 4: You should now have a long strip of fabric. Fold it in half.
Step 5: Sew the folded fabric at the open end.
Step 6: You should now have a tube.
Step 7: In order to turn the tube right side out, attach a safety pin to one end.
Step 8: Feed the safety pin through the tube.
Step 9: Once the tube is right side out, put a bead in the tube and center it.
Step 10: Make a knot at each end of the bead.
Step 11: Feed another bead into the tube and knot after the bead. Alternate sides each time you put a bead in. Repeat putting the bead in and knotting it until you reach a desired look.
Step 12: Sew the ends shut.
Step 13: Add flower by gathering strips of the fabric together and sewing the center together.
Step 14: Add a center to the flower with other beads by threading them through the center of the flower. Attach the flower to the necklace.
Finished Necklace! You can see other necklaces I made similar to this one here.
Now leave a comment for the chance to win this!!

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Honeylushy mengatakan...

Oh I really love that. I just followed your tutorial on the chan luu bracelet, and it's actually turning out pretty nicely

Unknown mengatakan...

I can't decide on to sleeve or not either... the pattern I'm using has both. I might do a sleeve to see what it looks like, then decide!Women's Dresses

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