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Anthro Necklace Week – Pretty-In-Pinking

Welcome to Anthro Necklace Week!
If you haven’t stopped by, this week has been declared Anthropologie Necklace Week!!!
Five Days of Tutorials – ending with a super fantastic giveaway day on Friday for the necklaces created this week!
I had such a great time putting the necklaces together – I hope you enjoy them!
A couple of brief disclaimers . . . I was not able to find the exact materials used in the Anthro necklaces, therefore they are not exactly Anthro necklaces. :)
But they’re close.
Also – I am in no way, shape or form a jewelry expert. So my methods might not be “professional” but they get the job done – and if I can do it – anybody can!
Remember - these are NOT the giveaway posts. Those will go up on Friday.
Ok, enough of that.
We’re starting off the week with Anthro’s Pretty-In-Pinking necklace.
So fun with the ribbon and gold beads – it would go great with just about anything.
Here’s my version:
And here’s their version:
Ready to make your version?? Here’s what you’ll need.
  • Pinking Shears
  • Round Nosed Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Ribbon (either a variegated ribbon like the one I bought at Michael’s, or multiple colors)
  • Gold beads (10)
  • Gold Chain (30″ piece & 4 1/4″ piece)
  • Jump rings (4)
  • Head Pins (13)
  • Crystal Beads (2)
  • Lobster Closure (1)
  • Optional – 11 small pearls
Start with putting your gold beads on the head pins. These are small wires with a flat end. Your bead should sit on the end of this head.
If it doesn’t (like the one’s I bought) you can add a small pearl or bead on first to prevent it from slipping through.
Bend your wire at a slight angle where it comes out the top of the bead.
Place your round nose pliers next to the top of your bead and wrap the pin around the pliers tip.
Clip the wire off at the top of the bead. Make sure you hold the flat side of the wire cutters down -
away from you.
We don’t need any Flying Wire Injuries here. Or any more anyway.
You might need to bend the loop just a bit more, so that it closes.
See? Not too bad. Feel free to practice this a few times if you need to first. But don’t freak out if they’re not perfect loops either.
They’re going to be a bit hidden in the ribbon and no one should be looking at your chest that closely anyway. Well.
Continue adding your beads to the head pins.
Repeat these steps for the little crystal accent beads and a single small pearl. Poor pearl got left out of the picture. Awww.
Lay out your 30″ gold chain.
Measure down from each end 12″ and put a jump ring into the chain. (A jump ring is just a ring that you can open.)
Add one end of the 4 1/4″ chain to each ring.
Always open your rings and loops to the side, never pull them wide to open them.
Close your rings. Your necklace should now have two lower sections.
Open up your loops on the beads you did earlier and start adding them to the two lower chains. I put 6 beads on the bottom row and 4 on the top row.
But it’s your necklace. You can do anything you want.
Ooooh. Too cute.
Cut your ribbon into to 3″ strips with your pinking shears – making the ends angled.
Start on one end of the lower row and tie the ribbon in a knot around the chain, close to the jump ring.
Continue tying ribbon strips along the chain to the other side of the row. Make sure they are close together – add in any knots in blank spaces you see.
I also went back through and trimmed some of the ribbon so it didn’t look to long. And I scrunched it up so it wasn’t so foofy.
Add in the crystal beads, one on each side. Put the bead in the same loop of chain that the jump ring is in.
Almost done!
Add a jump ring to your lobster clasp. Add one end of your necklace chain to the ring also. Close the ring.
On the other end of the necklace chain add a jump ring and the little pearl you made earlier.
Ta-daaaa! Day one done!!
The fun thing about this larger chain is that you can shorten up the necklace by putting the clasp a little higher.
I thought since it was Anthro week we should take some Anthro-esque photo shoots with the necklaces.
But I don’t care how “Anthro-esque” we’re getting – I’m not wearing a paper dress or contracting scoliosis to model this.
Check back in tomorrow for Day 2!

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