Rabu, 29 September 2010

junk jewellery ~ workshop

alice and i ran a junk jewellery making workshop this week for older kids. i sampled up a necklace using a couple of techniques....
rolled fabric beads wound with thread to hold into position... these can be made in any fabric though felted wools work particularly well.
and also paper beads ... have you ever tried making them?.. they are so quick and easy to make...here is a quick tutorial...
to make some you will need:
~ a thin skewer  ... i found some wooden ones in the kitchen normally used for veggie kebabs!
~ some old glossy magazines... i have 3 copies of elle decoration which i have saved for ages... the spreads are so vibrant and colourful and perfect for paper beads.
~ some glue... i used white glue
1~  choose some colourful pages from the magazine and tear out. either using the width or the length of the pages (this will depend on whether you want fatter or thinner beads), cut some strips 1.5cm wide tapering evenly to 0.5cms. sometimes i cut across the width of the page to give a 20cm strip, other times along the length to give a 30cm strip... experiment with the length and also the width of your strips... there are no rules... see what works best for you.
2.~take the wider end of your strip and carefully roll it around your skewer with the side of the paper you wish to show on the outside... make sure it is tightish but not too tight... ensure that it will slide on the skewer...keep winding the paper around evenly until you get to the last 5cms. add glue to this and finish rolling.
3~ gently slide the bead to the tip of you skewer and with a little watered down glue paint on a glaze... this will help protect your bead and make it a little more durable.
4~ take off skewer and dry... i tape a long thin piece of hemp twine to the side of my work table and keep adding beads as i make them.
5~ once dry, usually after a few hours, make into jewellry!
we also taught the girls how to make simple papier mache pendants covered with recycled papers and scraps of fabric.
the girls at the workshop were all 11 and 12 years old. they were a lovely group and created some great pieces of work..here are a few images of their creations...
yesterday my smallest girl wanted to make a necklace too for her friend's birthday present... this is  her design...
Junkjeweleryelle...and today i have been prepping for a workshop next week... sewing softies with 7 to 11 year olds in 2 hours!!.. hmm i think we may have been crazy to come up with that one... we shall see, we have designed the softie in kit form so hopefully it will all be acheivable?! 
 wishing everyone who pops in here a very happy weekend  x

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