Selasa, 28 September 2010

30 Minute Ribbon Corsage

I have always collected broaches. I love them all. But, I am starting to really like the ones I make myself the best. This corsage really took less than 30 minutes to make!
A few weeks ago I added this fab denim ribbon to my web store. The girls were asking what I planned to do with it. With the embellishment already done...making a little bracelet would take moments. I had another idea I wanted to try first however.
I ran the ribbon through my machine using the widest stitch possible. This is a running stitch. When you pull one of the two threads (top or bottom) you can create fast, but even gathers. I didn't measure anything!
I felt like I might need a second colour, and this ribbon has been waiting for me to use for some time. I stitched through this piece with the same long stitches.
Gathering the ruffles is so simple! You pull one of the threads and you can immediate create these circular shaped ribbons. All I had to do was then stitch these gathered edges down on a piece of felt. I did the denim circle first and then the blue edging was sewed last.

I covered up all my stitches with a second piece of felt and also sewed on the bar pin.

My corsage went right onto my jean jacket!
Now I am going to make some corsages which will go onto a card series.

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