Selasa, 28 September 2010

Happy Birthday to Me! (Rosette and Pearl Statement Necklace)

Sunday is my birthday. As you can tell I like to keep my birthday very quiet and not let anyone know about the big day- NOT! I love to tell everyone about birthday! So to everyone out there in blog land- it's my birthday!!!!
I decided to make myself a birthday gift- this fabulous rosette statement necklace!

The rosettes are made from a pillowcase. The thick material was great for keeping the roses together. I glued a pearl to each rose. I wound the pearl trim around the roses, hot gluing every few beads to the fabric. Next, I glued the whole thing on felt and attached the chain by hooking a jump ring on the pearl trim.

Due to my birthday being on Sunday and family parties on Saturday, my husband took me out for my birthday date on Friday. I proudly wore my new necklace!

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