Rabu, 29 September 2010

Quick Beads

Check out the super fun project at this weeks Paper Craft Planet’s 3D project,3D53, Making Paper Bead Bracelet,by Magdalena.  Here’s the album with some more beauty projects.
I gotta tell ya, I was totally surprised at how quick this project was for me.  I think I took about 10 minutes to cut little slender triangle pieces & Mod Podge them onto toothpicks to dry. I went skating with the kids, then came home & wiggled them loose (thankfully, they were still a bit wet). Another 3 minutes to put them on a stretchy string & tie. So fast!   I might try this one with my oldest DD, Thanks, Magdalena!
I didn’t have any styrofoam, so I used my paper piercer & popped some small holes into the top of my sizzix box, so that the tooth picks would stand upright while the paper beads dried.
I don’t have any fancy smancy jewelry tools, so I just slipped them onto a stretch cord & tied it.
Tah DAH!

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