Rabu, 29 September 2010

Organza Embellishments

The gifts for my birdies needed some sprucin’ up.  I’ll have to share what the actual gifts are in a later post when the girls are in Hawaii.  They don’t have the self control to resist peeking on here… nor would I! :D
After hopping from one blog to the next, I came across Reese Dixon’s tutorial on DIY organza flowers.  Perfecto!  This floral embellishment was just what I was looking for to ‘pretty-up’ the gifts.  I took a stab at it yesterday, and this project is a cinch!
All you need is:
  • organza fabric (petals)
  • beads (stamen)
  • candle (wilt the petals)
  • needle and thread
  1. Cut 4 or 5 square pieces of organza fabric
  2. Cut out petal-shaped patterns.  I layered the fabric and cut the pattern once.  This made the petal shapes inconsistent, but sloppiness really does work in your favor!
  3. Hold the petal inches above the candle flame to wilt the petal.
  4. Do this for each petal.
  5. Layer your petals to create the flower.  Set aside the bottom layer.  Sew from the bottom of the flower, so the thread with your knot is on the bottom.  Add the layer you set aside, and continue sewing.  This hides the knot.
  6. You’ll finish it off where you started, so the knot is hidden above the bottom-most layer.
And the finished product…  TA-DA!
Floral embellishments are my new best friend.  I’m thinking of other ways to use these things for our reception decor… perhaps escort cards or favors?  How are you using floral embellishments for your wedding?

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GRACIAS!!! Preciosas flores!! para aretes pines etc.

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