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Tutorial: Chan Luu Turquoise Wrap Bracelet

Here's a tutorial for a Chan Luu Turquoise Wrap Bracelet. Its a great bracelet for summer, delivers a nice pop of color and is also great for layering with other bracelets.

In an attempt to make the supplies for this tutorial inexpensive and easy to find I chose most of the supplies from Craft stores like Michaels and Joann. However please feel free to swap out supplies to your liking. :)
Chan Luu Turquoise Wrapped Leather Bracelet $295

  • Round Turqoise Beads. You can use any size or really gemstone for that matter I will be using:
  • 3 -4 strands of 3mm Imitation Turquoise Rounds - from Michaels (Style #93150 MSKU# 10121072) or any other stones you like!
  • 1 package of 2mm Tandy Leather Round Cord in Dark Brown (2 yards long)
  • Button for Clasp
  • A beading needle
  • Waxed nypo thread (Buy it here for $1.44 + FREE Shipping:
  • Pearl /Beading Glue

Unravel your 2 yards of Leather Cord and cut in half ( 1 yard each)
Place the 2 strands on top of one another and tie a knot about 4 inches into the strands. 

Thread your button through one of the strands and use the other strand to make a double knot. I used this earthy Coconut Button (Joann - a 3-pack was $1.99).

Thread your needle, then make a double knot, tying your thread directly to your needle. This will stop your thread from constantly slipping out of your needle as you work.

Now anchor your thread to your leather cord. Make a double knot to the lower leather cord, and then using a figure 8 run your thread between the upper and lower cord to secure the thread. Do this 3 times making 3 figure 8's and then fasten with a double knot. This will not only ensure that the bracelet wont break but also prevents the first few beads from bulging.

Now it time to attach the beads. You will use figure 8 to add each bead. Start by placeing your needle underneath the lower strand and above the upper strand. place the bead on the needle and pull the thread through.

Now loop the thread back through the bead completing the figure 8 by loop the thread around the top cord and back through the bead to the front of the lower cord.

Repeat these steps for all beads, spacing them 2 loops apart. That is, make two loops around the lower cord with your thread before adding a new bead.

As you thread you dont want the beads to bulge. Use Pearl /Beading Glue (fraycheck might also work) lightly on the cord to secure the beads in place - it will dry clear, keep all the beads in perfect place, and really increase the quality of your bracelet.

As you work occasionally wrap the bracelet around your wrist to check the length. You can make this a bracelet that wraps 3, 4, or 5 times. Once your happy with the length its time to make a loop for the button to go through.
  • Tie off your thread my making a few figure 8 loops between the top and bottom strands (like you did at the beginning) and finish with a double knot. This would be a good time to secure the final knot with pearl /beading glue.
  • Make a loop with both strands of the leather cord, then make a knot.

Secure the knot, by making sure its tight. Then test loop with the button to make sure the closure works. Once it does, use a little extra pearl/beading glue down in the knot to secure.

And your done!

A lovely turquoise wrap bracelet you can wear all summer and straight into fall.
Have a lovely day!

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BindiM mengatakan...

Great tutorial. I am in the process of making my first one. Your steps are very easy to follow. Thank you!

aljamie mengatakan...

Love this bracelet...thank you so much for the tutorial!

Sylvia mengatakan...

I made a Chan Luu following your tutorial.
You can see it on my blog.

Alisa mengatakan...

love it! mengatakan...

Love it - many thanks for the tut :)

Unknown mengatakan...

Looks great!
I'm going to try this soon :)

prairiecraft mengatakan...

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