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Anthropologie inspired Skippers necklace

Anthropologie inspired skippers necklace tutorial




This necklace is inspired for the perfect skippers necklace at Anthropologie.I wanted the look to be like pebbles or rocks (inspired by my own fish paintings too) so I painted the pieces in brown tones and sealed the paint with wood laquer(messed up with the laquer quite a bit!).The bright colors in the original look really pretty though!

Things you need:
Epoxy compound or clay
Ribbon or leather strip
Strong thread/Embroidery floss and needle
Pair of scissors
Glue gun
Fabric glue (optional)
Acrylic paints (optional)
Template (optional)

1.       Draw a sketch based on the template of the no. of pieces, size etc. you want.(The template serves as a guide for the shape and size of the necklace;I made mine originally to use for a bib necklace;just put some tracing paper around your neck and trace around the neckline. )

2.       Make small balls from the epoxy compound or clay and flatten into skipper shapes according to your design.

3.       Arrange all the pieces in the necklace form and poke holes with toothpicks (make sure the toothpick pokes through the other side); make a slit in the last skipper on either side wide enough for the ribbon to slide through(make the slit a little wider than the width of the ribbon).

4.       Let dry and paint if desired.

5.       Tie each piece to its neighbours with strong thread. I sewed three loops to make it more stronger. Tie knots at the back and secure.

6.       Cut two pieces of ribbon around 6 inches long and slip the end of a ribbon through the slit in the last skipper, fold and glue in place with the glue gun.

7.       Repeat with the other end.
8.       Done!
·         Make sure the wholes are big enough for the needle to go in twice or thrice.
·         Add a little fabric glue or other glue to all the knots to strengthen them.
·         To make a darker edge for the pieces as in the anthro necklace, pour a little paint in a tray and roll each piece edgewise in the paint (roll like a wheel).
·         To attach a leather strip make a slit in the leather about half inch away from one end. Slip that end through the slit in the last skipper and pull other end of the leather strip through the slit in the strip forming a kind of knot.

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