Selasa, 28 September 2010

Round Fabric Pinwheel Necklace

So my tutorial I was working on is taking forever, so I had to take a break. This popped in my head yesterday after finding the neck ring and I decided this would be my "something different" to work on for a little bit. Plus, I'm always trying to think of ways to use up my scraps :)

So come with me and I'll show you how to make your own Round Fabric Pinwheel Necklace!

It's a beautiful statement necklace and the possibilities are endless with it!

What you need:

 1. Scrap knits and a larger piece of knit for the back.

 2. A Neck Ring necklace.
3. Hot Glue Gun
4. Needle and Coordinating Thread
5. Jump Rings (I only used two)
6. Spray Starch
7. Iron

A. Take your scrap fabric and cut rectangular pieces. I just played around with the sizes. The longer it is, the more folds it will have. The taller it is, the bigger the pinwheel will be.

B. Take your pieces and spray them with spray starch and iron. This helps the fold stay.

C. Accordion fold the piece of fabric long ways and sew together in the middle. Then wrap the thread around the middle and knot it. This helps it look good.


D. Spray again with starch and iron on each side of the accordion fold. Then trim the ends to be even.

E. Then pull two ends, one from each side, together and hot glue. Repeat on other side. Spray again with starch if you like, but DO NOT iron it again. It just helps it stay stiff.

F. Grab the neck ring and place the pinwheels how you would like them to be, making sure at least two points would touch the necklace. Those points are where you will attach jump rings.
Hot Glue together where they overlap.

G. Then flip it over, wrong side facing up. Put hot glue all over the middle and place a large piece of knit fabric on top quickly. Then flip it over.

H. Trim the edges so none of the back fabric is showing when pinwheels are right side facing.

I. Hot glue jump rings in between the fabric pinwheels and the back fabric so it can slip on the neck ring. Then go around and secure all the edges by hot gluing really well.

J. Then slip on the neck ring through the jump rings, put on a pretty outfit and your necklace, and get ready to say 'Thank You!" to all the people who will compliment you :)

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