Selasa, 28 September 2010

Cork Silhouette Necklace Tutorial

Well, I had some leftovers from making the bulletin board.

Extra Cork Board

One of things I did with them are these:


I just adore them. I even wore the bicycle one out tonight on my date with my hubby.

They are really simple to make and making these made me think of many other small things I could do similar with my scraps (Christmas ornaments, magnetic frames, etc.).

Flying Bird NecklaceSewing Machine Necklace

Bicycle NecklaceKitty Cat Necklace

Let me share with you the creation process of these little things.

You will need:
-Cork board
-Writing utensil to trace with
-Jump ring
-Necklace to put it on
-Mod Podge
-Optional: Paint, Scrapbook papers, etc.
-Clip art/pictures to use to trace

1. Find some clip art on your computer or search the web for some pictures/silhouettes you like. (You could even do a child's profile silhouette! How cute would that be?). I search the web by going to and searching under their images section. It's easier to sift through for me.

Clip Art Used

2. Print out the pictures, cut them out, then trace them on the cork board. I do this on the backside so no markings will be on the front (because I used a pen and don't want it to show).

Tracing It
Cut It Out

3. Cut out the silhouette from the cork board and do what you want with it.

All Cut Out and Ready to Decorate

Paint it. Mod Podge paper to it.

Mod Podge Cork

Add glitter.
Draw on it.

4. After you decorate it or don't decorate it, I suggest covering it with a layer of Mod Podge (front and back). This will help the cork board be more durable.

5. Take something sharp, like the end of manicure scissors/toothpick/etc., and poke a small hole where you want the jump ring to go. Then stick it on.

6. Slip it on your necklace and there you go :)

The cat one was for my daughter. She loves it.

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