Rabu, 29 September 2010

Rose Cuff Bracelet

I am SO excited for all of our Mother's Day posts that Dana and I are going to share with you guys during the "Celebrating MOM" event! Yay, MOMS!
The first tutorial is something that just popped into my head a few days ago, and I'm quite in love with it, to tell you the truth. And it was very quick and easy! It's got that feminine elegance that I'm all about, and I think it would look as well with jeans and a tee as it would with a frilly dress!

The Rose Cuff Bracelet:

Made with velcro and felt, fabric flowers, and pearl beads.
1: Start by cutting two strips of felt, 1 1.4" x 8 1/2" will fit a small-meduim wrist. As a rule, you'll probably want to cut the length to about 1 1/2" longer than your wrist measurement.
2: Cut a 3/4" length of velcro and attach one side to the end of each strip......
3: By sewing around the edges with thread that matches your felt color.
4: Place one strip on top of the other, so that both velcro pieces are on the outside, and on opposite ends:
5: And stitch all the way around to create a cuff.
6: Grab some fabric flowers (if you don't have these lying around, try the Dollar Store!), pop them off the stems and remove the plastic pieces, so you're left with just petals. You'll need about 6 small-medium sized flowers.
7: Starting at one end of your cuff, hot glue the petals on, one layer at a time, finishing with a pearl in the center of each flower. Continue with another flower, gluing them very close together, until you run out of felt. My glue seemed to hold up quite well, but if you're worried about them falling off, a couple of hand-stitches would work nicely, too!

That's it!
Isn't it lovely?

And you don't have to mention to her how easy it was... ;o)
And, of course, you can adjust it to mom's liking by using any flower, in any color, and any size! You could also do several rows of tiny flowers for a different, and more subtle look, which I think would be lovely. :o)

Be sure to check out what's going on in Dana's amazing mind, too!

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