Selasa, 28 September 2010

shrink plastic statement necklace tutorial

Lately I've been having A LOT of fun playing with shrinky dinks (or shrink plastic) and decided to create a colorful and unique statement necklace completely from my own drawings on shrink plastic!

There is variety of shrink plastics out there- clear, frosted, black, white and a variety of colors. I used sheets of white and frosted shrink plastic.

I used a black permanent maker and covered the surface with lots of doodles and drawings of my favorite theme right now- FLOWERS!

I drew more flowers in variety of sizes, keeping in mind they will shrink about to about half the size that they start out.

I added color to the flowers by painting with acrylic paint on the back side of the plastic.

I cut out flowers and circles from the shrink plastic

and punched holes in everything.

I baked the plastic in the oven- preheated to 350 degrees.
It takes about 30 seconds depending on the size and it is just like magic!
The plastic shrinks, rolls up in a ball and then flattens out.
Once removed from the heat they harden to plastic.

Once all of my flowers were finished shrinking, I inserted jump rings,

added them to a chain,

and added more until I had lots of flowers in different sizes layered and stacked along the chain.

The result is a totally unique, colorful and creative necklace that is sure to make a statement!!!

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