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Ribbon and Pearl Necklace Tutorial

Ribbon and Pearl Necklace Tutorial

I save the few magazines that I ever buy just to have around when I feel like sitting on the couch with one. I was recently browsing through an Elle magazine (Oct. 2008) and saw this picture.
Lanvin Necklace in Elle
It is a pearl and grosgrain ribbon necklace by Lanvin for $1,320. I immediately thought of how I could make something similiar. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make a look alike for yourself (for a lot less!).

-10 feet of 7/8" grosgrain ribbon (I couldn't find any in the right size, so I used organza ribbon)
-4 large pearl beads (again, sorry I used what I had so I only used three)
-Glue (I used fabric glue, but a tacky glue would be good as well)
-Large Crochet Hook
-Yarn Needle
-Candle, lighter, or wood burner

1. Cut the ribbon into two pieces. One equally 7 feet and the other 3 feet

2. Take the 7 ft. piece and begin to crochet a chain about 1 foot in on one end. Crochet the chain until there is about a foot of ribbon left. End with a slip stitch.
Ribbon Pearl Necklace Tutorial

3. Thread the 3 ft. piece of ribbon on a yarn needle and randomly run and loop it through/around the crocheted piece. Make sure the ends left on side side are about the same length.
Ribbon Pearl Necklace Tutorial

4. Knot the two pieces on the left side together right above where the crochet ends. Do the same for the right side.
Ribbon Pearl Necklace Tutorial

5. Heat seal ribbon ends with candle/lighter/wood burner. (cut them first if you would like them even too. I chose to leave mine like they were).

6. Glue on pearl beads. (I tried sewing, but they were too heavy for it to work on the organza ribbon).
Ribbon Pearl Necklace Tutorial

7. Once dry, it's ready to wear. Just simply tie it on, take a picture, and add it to the Happy Together Flickr group so we can see what you made.

Ribbon Pearl Necklace Tutorial
Ribbon Pearl Necklace Tutorial Ribbon Pearl Necklace Tutorial

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