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DIY J.Crew Glass Pearl Necklace Tutorial

I love the J.Crew Glass Pearl Necklaces, so I decided to do a tutorial for anyone who would like to make their own!

The necklaces come in several shades of pearl; I will be making a pink pearl in this tutorial.

Let’s get right down to business!

- Gold plated chain
- 12 12-mm pink glass pearls
- 6 8-mm gold plated crystal disc rondells
- Gold plated or non-tarnish brass wire – 24 or 22 gauge thickness
- Clasp

- Round nose pliers
- Chain nose pliers
- Wire cutters
- Ruler

I’m using disc rondells in between the pearls instead of the barbell ones Jcrew uses- Once I finished the necklace I realized that I actually prefer the look of the disc rondells more. :)

For the gold plated chain I chose a thicker chain as the original necklace has a thicker chain with a dark gold, almost brassy, color.

For the chain you’ll need (3) 7-inch pieces and (4) 3-inch pieces

For those who are beginner or novice, here is an excellent diagram showing how to use pliers to create wrapped loop.

1) Grasp the wire about 2 inches from the end with chain-nose pliers. Bend the wre flat against the pliers to create a 90 degree angle.

2) With round nose pliers grasp the wire at the 90 degree angle you just made. Pull the wire up and over the top of the round nose pliers.

3) Place the lower jaw of the round nose pliers back into the look you just made and,

4) continue pulling the wire around the bottom jaw into a full round loop.

-Before you finish your loop entirely you will want to run the end of your chain segment onto your wire.-
5) Hold the loop you just made stationary with chain-nose pliers (I wrap mine in masking tape to protect the wire) and using your fingers or bent nose pliers wrap the wire around the neck 2-3 times. Use wire cutters to trim excess wire.

Box # 6 in the diagram shows the finished wraped loop. If you like, you can then use pliers (needle or chain nose) to tighten the loops ontop of one another.

Now place your pearl, rondell and second pearl on the wire and create another wrapped loop (steps 1-6) with a chain segment . This is what it will look like:

Repeat the process--the order of chains between the pearls from clasp to clasp will be the following pattern:
Clasp, 7-3-3-7-3-3-7, Clasp.

With a pearl-rondell-pearl combination (-) in between each stretch of chain.

The finished product:

Some artisitic shots:

I also made this necklace in a purple toned pearl:

I hope this helps! Enjoy!

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