Rabu, 29 September 2010

Melon necklaces - Organic jewelery

I have always been inspired by the lavish, ever-inspiring nature and its incredible power of taking care of its loved ones. In every sense of the word. Whether it regards providing food, clothes or decoration.

I would love to linger on the latter. The primal source of the ancient people to embellish their homes and garments. Back at uni I used to make myself necklaces by using these gifts of nature. So today I returned to the roots again and used the fruits of nature to create a series of organic jewelery. I am going to share my ideas here and the first to be introduced are

The Melon necklaces

Tips for using melon seeds:
If you want to make a necklace or something else, scoop the seeds with a spoon and wash them in warm water with mild washing detergent to take off the slimy fibers. Then, let them sun/air dry. I usually put them onto a cotton napkin so they wouldn't stick to it. It is great if the seeds are big because they are easier for manipulation.

Once dry I love to add a little colour. For my necklaces I used ordinary markers, (in the past I was more patient and used nail polish in different colours). I painted half of the seed because I like the effect they create when stringed together.

When piercing the seeds it is best if you do that in the middle. If you make a hole near the edges the seed might easily split.

Choose your favourite colours, string the seeds and make yourself some organic jewelery!

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Suzanne Loftus mengatakan...

Love it! What types of melon seeds do you use? Are there certain seed that work better than others?

erilia mengatakan...

What a great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Looks fabulus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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