Rabu, 29 September 2010

the crown for the princess part

I promise.  This is it.  This is really and truly the FINAL prototype for the crown for the princess party.  I know I was planning to make the wallpaper crowns, but our guest list was larger than I thought it would be and they are just way too time-consuming to make.  Then, I decided on the bejeweled ones. I really liked them, but I ran out of the aqua colored crowns and you know how little kids are - they all want exactly same thing - so, no good. But, this is it.  This is the ONE.  I present to you, the "Princess Crown Wreath"...
Princess wreath_blog_1 
I like these because they are very girly, will stay on a princess's head while twirling, and are rather simple to make.  Here's what you need: 2 pipe cleaners per crown (colors doesn't matter as they will eventually be covered), assorted millinery or craft flowers on wire stems, and lots of ribbons.  You will need a scissors, but no glue is necessary.

Princess wreaths_blog_3 
To begin, tightly twist the ends of your pipe cleaners together, forming a circular shape (your wreath).

Princess wreath_blog_2 
Next, separate out your wired millinery flowers and trim the stems to about 2 inches. Begin wrapping the wire stems around your wreath, spacing the flowers at even intervals (I just eyeball it).

Princess wreaths_blog_4 
Now you are ready to wrap the pipe cleaner wreath base with ribbon.  This serves two purposes - it covers the less than beautiful pipe cleaners and it also encases any wire ends that might be poking out. Begin by tying a length of ribbon to what will be the back of your wreath.

Princess wreaths_blog_5 
Then, just wrap the ribbon all around the pipe cleaner and in between each flower, making sure to overlap the ribbon edges as you go.  Finish by tying off where you began.

Princess wreaths_blog_6 
Add some pretty trailing ribbons and a bow or two to the back.
Princess wreath_blog_7 
That's it!  A pretty princess hair wreath!

Princess wreaths_blog_8
These would also be lovely for a flower girl or a ballet costume.  The wonderful thing about them is that you can completely customize the colors.

Now, only a few more to finish up. :-)

Princess wreaths_blog_9

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