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Jade Beaded Necklace with Ribbon

Jade Beaded Necklace with Ribbon
A single strand of beads is enough for a necklace, thanks to satin ribbons. The beads are strung onto silk cord that comes with a needle on one end for easy threading. 
Tools and Materials
Jade beads dyed in various colors, 16 mm, from New York Beads
Griffin silk beading cord, size 8, in gray, yellow, turquoise, and coral, from Fusion Beads
Silk-satin ribbon, 15 mm, in Charcoal, Avocado, Grey, and Copen, all by M&J Trimming
Jade Beaded Necklace How-To
1. Cut two 1-yard lengths of ribbon. Unwind the silk cord fully from its spool. Thread 1 bead onto cord, sliding it down and leaving a 5-inch tail.
2. To attach the ribbon: Holding bead on tail, use cord to tie a secure double knot at midpoint of 1 ribbon. Secure bead: Pull needle back through bead (See No. 1 in image). 
3. Knot tail and needle ends together next to bead (See No. 2 in image).
4. Trim tail. Thread second bead; knot cord next to bead. Repeat to add remaining beads. After last knot, use cord to tie a secure double knot at midpoint of second ribbon. Pull needle back through last bead, and tie a knot around existing cord; trim end.

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