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Tutorial: DIY Anthropologie Inspired Multi-Strand Necklace

I was in Anthropologie the other day and saw a lovely necklace... I liked the concept of lace, beads, and ribbon but wanted a piece that was more romantic. So I decided to make one myself and do a tutorial in case anyone else would like to make one too. Instead of ordering the parts from my suppliers I thought it might be a nice idea to get as many supplies as I could from craft stores like Michaels and Joann so that anyone and everyone might be able to make their own.

This is not a 2-step tutorial and might seem difficult to some and that’s the reason I posted a tutorial for it – I wanted to share some tips and techniques and hopeful inspire a few people to make something lovely for themselves.

  • Iron on Floral Applique - Joann: Premium Iron-On Art Iron On Applique (Item#: AP15969-123)
  • Peach Groisgrain Ribbon
  • 8mm Peach Round Crystal - Joann or Michaels: 1 Crystazzi 32f 9-pack
  • 8mm off white or light pink glass pearls - Joann or Michaels
  • thin gold plated chain - Micheals or Joann: 1 box Gold Elegance 14K plated gold chain (in gold boxes)
  • 8mm round faceted crystal glass beads - Michaels: 1 Bead Gallery (Green label, Style#:55370, MSKU#: 10402026)
  • 4mm filigree gold ball - Joann: 2 packs of Darice Jewelry Designer 4mm filigree ball 22pcs, 1977-71
  • 1/8th yard Gray micro or ultrasuede - Joann
  • 3-to-1 connector (buy 1 HERE for free shipping)
  • Large gold plated chain - Micheals: Bead landing Chian #151213, #01215-2010-04, UPC 016318177136 (look through all chains in the beading section, unfortunately chains are not all in the same place).
  • beading wire
  • 20 or 22 guage wire
  • 6mm jump rings
  • 8 mm jump rings
  • crimp beads
  • crimp covers (optional)
  • fraycheck
1. Take out your iron on appliqué – I thought the beads and cheap sequin on this appliqué looked a little bit much, so I flipped over each appliqué and removed the beads by clipping the large stitches, making it look more like lace and less ‘crafty.’
2. Now to affix it to your gray ultra suede. Cut off a large enough piece of ultrasuede for both of your appliqués. Follow the directions on the back of the appliqué pack and iron on top fabric. Tip: Place a pillow case or sheet over the appliqué before ironing. This will prevent any residue from the iron transferring on to your lace.
Why did I choose ultasuede? First off it’s thick so our appliqué will stay stiff and wont sag on our necklace, second, it has a soft satin-like back which feels nice and silky on your skin unlike harsh felt. It is also a better backing material than felt because it looks more professional.

3. Using a sharp scissors cut around the appliqué and immediately apply a light amount of fray check around the border. Let dry.
Now you can work on the rows of pearls and crystals!
4. Cut 8 pieces 3/4 inches of gold plated chain, and 8 pieces of about 1 1/2 inches of wire. Using your round nose pliers and the diagram below make a loop and attach the wire to the chain, place a peach crystal and continue creating a crystal and gold chain. Do this – times to create a chain with 8 crystals and 8 pieces of gold chain, roughly 10 1/2 inches overall length.

For those who are beginner or novice, here is an excellent diagram showing how to use pliers to create wrapped loop. The full written directions are available HERE on my J.Crew Inspired Necklace tutorial (look below this same diagram).

This is what it should look like.

5. Now take the appliqué and a needle poke holes shown below. Keep the sewing pin or safety pin in the holes until you are ready to use them.

6. Attach the two appliques in using a 8mm jump ring.
7. Using a saftey pin to make the holes place 3 6mm jump rings through the larger applique as shown below. Close all the jump rings except for the one on the far right.
8. Cut off 17 inches of large gold chain and attach with a 8mm jump ring to the top of the small flower lace appliqué.
8.Be sure to Fray Check the back of ALL 5 jump rings so the puncture from the ring does not fray the fabric.
9. Attach the other end of the large gold chain to the top of the 3-to-1 connector using a 8mm jump ring.
10. Open the right-most jump ring on the applique and slip on the chain of the peach crystal and gold chain, close the jump ring.
11. Now attach the other end of the chain to the 3-to-1 connector using a 4mm jump ring.
12. Cut off approximately 18 inches of the beading wire, and grab a crimp bead, and your crimper. Place the crimp bead on the wire, run the wire through the middle hole. Run the wire back through the crimp, with about 3/4inch extra.

Use the crimp tool to crimp the crimp bead.
13. Strand the clear beads and the 4mm filigree beads alternating. You will start with crystal, end with crystal and use 25 filigree balls, and 26 crystal rounds. The end length should be roughly 12 inches long.
14. Now add another crimp bead to the end of the strand. Loop through middle loop of 3-to-1 connector.
15.15. Pass wire back through crimp and about 3 beads. You will use the tail to adjust and tighten the strand.
16. Use your needle nose and bent end pliers to adjust the tension. The needle nose on 1 strand of the loop, and the bent end at the tail of the wire. You want a tight fit so gently pull your needle nose to pull any excess wire and then tighten by pulling the tail with your bent end pliers.
17. Using the crimp tool tighten the crimp again.
18. Cut off a strip of beading wire- about 20 inches. Attach to left-most jump ring using a crimp bead and crimp tool (Just like you did with the last strand). Strand with 43 pearls. The end length should be roughly 13 1/4 inches long.
19.Place another crimp bead at the end and follow steps 14-17 to finish with crimp bead.
21. Tie a bow with your ribbon around the necklace roughly 3 1/2 inches above the 3-to-1 connector. Use a needle and thread to secure the ribbon to the chain.
And you’re done!
How romantic and talented of you!

A tip for college students, budget fashionistas and recession victims: look for sales on supplies at craft stores before you go pick up these supplies. For example, right now all jewelry making supplies are 40% off at Joann.
You can also apparently print coupons online for Michaels and Joann, just google “printable Joann Coupons.” And lastly, if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy all the supplies for a project you like, buy a few supplies at a time and you wont feel the impact as much.
Well I hope that this was useful for someone out there, and please leave me a comment - I want to hear your thoughts!
Should have another tutorial up shortly J
Have a lovely day!

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