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Wall Flowers Week - Too Much Teal Tuesday!

WFWbanner_02I bet you guys thought the color today was gonna be Tampico Punch Orange!  You are shocked beyond all belief that it's TEAL right!?!?  Frankly, I was a little surprised myself.
So here we go!
Today's Color:  Teal (Hello teal, this is Lolly...  I'll be right over for my daily dose of cupcakes and sunshine!) 
Today's Featured tutorials:
Julie - Inkcredible Stamping - Felt Flower
Make It. Do It. - Wire Ribbon Flowers
LollyChops - Flower Buttons
Let's get started with the felt flowers from Julie...
This is what we call a curve ball.  Julie left me a comment yesterday around 4:30 letting me know that she had posted some of her flower creations to the Wall Flowers Week Flickr group.  You can see her creations HERE.  So of course I went to go look and low and behold...  I knew I had to make one of them eeeeeemeediately!
TTT_02Without moving my computer even... I busted out my teal felt, my Sizzix Circles #2 die (the very one I used yesterday) and within 15 minutes I had a totally fabulous flower!  I don't even have it framed...  I just made it cause it was totally awesome and totally EASY!
If you don't have a Sizzix or this particular die...  the size of the circles you need are as follows:  2 inch, 1.5 inch and a 1 inch.  5 of each one. 
As my finishing center, I cut a 1 inch circle, beaded around the outside of it and glued two buttons (one on top of the other)... and KABOOM!
Helloooo Dolly!
I love it.
Just make one flower.  You won't be sorry!
So for the next tutorial we are going to do quick and easy wire ribbon flowers!
(remember... follow the link above to see the real tutorial...  this is just a fake tutorial)
Pull one side of the wire away from the ribbon (creating a mega gather).
Make sure you don't pull the wire out the other side.
I did that... ummm... a few times too many.
I also only used about 1 yard of ribbon for my flowers.
Sometimes a yard and a half... max.
You roll up the gathered side and sew as you go...
I made a few different ones using different colors of teal ribbon...
I tucked a few felt leaves from Felt-O-Rama in there too...
...and used some American Crafts patterned paper as my background
(Letterbox - Respectfully)
I glued everything down with hot glue and was all done quick as some cheese!
A few folks have asked me about the frames I am using...
...So I thought I would do a little demolition demonstration real quick...
Most of the time I use picture frames...
But every now and then I use decorative frames that are ready to hang...
Like this dollar store beauty here!
(how totally fitting that there was a rose picture in there right???)
I usually have to peel off the protective paper backing to get to the guts....
This is picture frame surgery folks.
Don your craft snorkel and dive right in!
This leaves me with a nice frame, mat board and glass if I need it.
I got this one for a dollar.
Not even kidding!!!
(there are candy bars that cost more than this frame!!!)
Nextly... let's check out some button crafts using that same frame...
These could NOT be easier.
I simply stack buttons, crocheted flowers, felt flowers, fabric, etc...
You name it and I'll stack it up and make it into a flower!
I like to tie off my buttons with #10 crochet thread (like this stuff HERE).
I leave the string kinda long so I can hold the smaller button by the string as I glue it into place.
Plus this helps tack down the string so it does not come loose....
...and it makes for tying the knot soooo much easier!
For this project I took some stiff floral wire...
...and wrapped it with some nice bright green floral tape.
I took the "stems" and simply tucked them into the recess in this particular frame.
Then I glued the button flowers I had made to the tops of the stems...
...and punched some leaves using THIS Martha Stewart leaf punch.
I inked the edges, curled them up some and glued them down.
There ya have it!
Simple and pretty framed flower picture!
Thanks so much for hanging out with me!  I hope you are enjoying the flowers and feeling inspired!
I'll be back tomorrow with another set of projects (any guesses on the color for tomorrow girls???)!!
TTT_16P.S.  Since you guys were so nice to leave me so many comments yesterday, I randomly picked one of you to win a little crocheted flower!  Marla from Sincerely Home is the lucky winner...  you never know what might happen around here during Wall Flowers Week...  you had better keep your eyeballs peeled girls!!!!

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